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Savvy Growth helps leaders and their companies maximize success through a unique combination of strategic marketing and management consulting, personal brand and leadership coaching. We were introduced by a CEO in a highly competitive space as his “secret weapon.”​ His President calls us his “corporate therapist.”​ A CEO recently described Savvy as “a true difference maker.” Whatever hat we wear, we enjoy earning the role as trusted partner.

Founded in 2003, we’ve completed > 250 engagements in technology, healthcare, consumer, financial & business services, education and non-profit sectors. Prior to that, founder Grace Ueng was with five Fortune 500 companies and served on executive teams  leading  product management, business development, and marketing of five technology companies that had exits through IPO or acquisition.  Her partner, Richard Chleboski, has grown large and small technology firms as founder, CFO, CEO, and Chief Strategy Officer.

Savvy is hired when a company reaches an inflection point and seeks external, experienced guidance. We come in after McKinsey to take high level strategy to actualization. Our sweet spot is conducting corporate strategic reviews.  We reserve time to do a select few each year. The results for our clients can be summarized in one word:  transformational.

It has been fulfilling to see emerging growth clients successfully exit through acquisition/IPO. And to work with F1000 companies on new channels/technologies to continue their growth trajectory. Ingrained from early Bain days, value addition is tantamount in all we do. We leverage our extensive network to make meaningful introductions. Our clients look to Savvy as their trusted advisor. And to coach leaders to peak performance. We get called in when key decisions need to be made.

Nothing makes us happier than to hear from a client that we made a big impact in a short amount of time.

Our clients attest to the strategic vision, dedicated teamwork, and value Savvy provides. Read examples of why clients rate Savvy 100% on value addition.


Savvy provided us with tremendous value and has set the organization in the right direction.  Rich and Grace rapidly assessed the internal and external challenges the business faced and created the new business strategy.  But what really differentiated Savvy was their ability to then implement that strategy.  

The combination of their C-level experience, broad functional knowledge and deep domain expertise enabled them to immediately and adeptly lead the organization through a very challenging transition.  There is no substitute for the kind of knowledge, experience and capabilities Savvy brought. 

Savvy enabled the complete transformation of our business, from the vision and team to the products and services.  While the transformation is still ongoing, I am confident that Savvy put us on the right path to be successful.  

I would highly recommend Savvy for any organization at a key inflection point.”

June Choi, Senior Vice President, LS ELECTRIC Global

Case Study


“Grace provided advice for several years for Eye Care Associates in areas ranging from marketing to strategic planning and corporate culture. The diversity of her support has enabled us to utilize an objective and wise outside voice to help guide key decision-making. Savvy became an invaluable resource to our group until our exit.

Bob Brodney, President
Eye Care Associates (acquired by MyEyeDr.)

Case Study

“Our business was moderately successful, but we were struggling with who we were and who we wanted to be, or more importantly, needed to be.  Knowing we were operating within our own echo chamber, we looked outward.  Savvy was referred to us through one of our board members.  

Grace and Rich engaged immediately to conduct a strategic review of our entire business including a “Deep Dive” into our business.  After the deep dive and extensive discovery process, they led an eye opening management retreat where we learned what was working, what wasn’t and the challenges we would face on our current path.  From that retreat and with Savvy’s support, we were able to establish the building blocks that allowed us to transform our business, understand our mission and vision and embark on the most successful period in our history.

The process is on-going and we still have much to do to reach our potential.  Grace and Rich have stayed engaged – providing guidance, expertise and, quite often, simply a trusted advisor to help refine my thoughts and provide coaching I might not find elsewhere.  

I see Savvy as the catalyst of our transformation from possible mediocrity to near certain excellence.”

Jon Bolen, CEO 

Case Study

“Having already built a successful technology and product, we wanted to continue aggressive growth goals which would necessitate taking marketing to the next level. Finding the right marketing partner is often challenging – after learning of Grace’s credentials, however, we decided quickly to engage Savvy.

Through her proven “Discovery Process,” Grace quickly analyzed our business and added strategic insights into our marketing plan. Savvy was able to add value in a short timeframe – we look forward to continuing to utilize their services to grow our marketing team and insure we meet our corporate objectives.”

Ping Fu, President, Chairman, and CEO
Geomagic (acquired by 3D Systems)
Chief Entrepreneur Officer, 3D Systems

Case Study

“We found Grace to be honest and inquisitive. She asks tough questions. Her ability to process our challenges and deliver difficult messages is invaluable.

A quick study, Grace imparts wisdom based on her depth of knowledge as in-house executive plus years helping clients maximize their success as a growth consultant.”

Shashi Mudunuri, CEO
Research Square

“I had heard of Grace for many years and was introduced to her by a trusted friend. We quickly engaged Grace as an advisor to guide the management team through a timely need. Beyond her broad and deep marketing capabilities, she is tremendously talented at building connections and thinking of others. She has a combination of humility and capability that is refreshing.

Our team embraced her insights of our business at our off-site strategy meeting and then leveraged her rich relationships and experiences to help us with a key executive search.

Whether our latest opportunity involves global expansion or new product launch, Grace and the Savvy team roll up their sleeves ready to help.”

Alicia Parr, VP Human Resources
Research Square

Case Study


“Having already built a successful business within one vertical, we wanted to take our company to the next level and to partner with a proven business strategist – after investigating various options, we chose Savvy.

Through her effective “Discovery Process”, Grace became a key strategic partner and quickly analyzed our business and offered on target strategic insights and recommendations on how to efficiently execute our marketing and distribution plan in order for us to meet our growth goals.

Savvy not only met but exceeded our expectations – we look forward to continuing to utilize their services to insure we meet our corporate objectives.”

Bobby Martin, President, First Research
(acquired by D&B, merged with Hoover’s)

Case Study

“When Grace came highly recommended by our Bay Area venture fund, we met with her and decided to engage Savvy to accelerate our marketing efforts. The Savvy team quickly assessed our marketplace to help us refine our messaging and pulled together a marketing plan. Grace also made introductions to get us on the radar with key influencers.

Practical and steadfast, Savvy has turned around deliverables under very tight timelines. When we hit strategic issues, we also turn to Savvy to leverage Grace’s network and know-how. Direct and honest, the Savvy team provides ‘truth, not comfort’– which is critical for a fast-paced venture.”

Gretchen Joyce, Co-Founder and COO
MaxPoint Interactive

“After hiring Savvy to conduct an extensive Marketing Audit, we have retained the firm to focus on a few key identified issues which they address both strategically and tactically. Well connected and intelligent, Grace and her firm have become a trusted partner for SciQuest. I highly recommend the services of Savvy for companies that want to take themselves to the next level.”

Stephen Wiehe, President and CEO

“I have come to count on Savvy as my ‘go to’ marketing resource. From calling on them initially for a quick turnaround project for our annual customer meeting, then managing quantitative customer research and a best practices study, to serving as our outsourced marketing team, I have appreciated their thoughtful counsel, ability to turn around quickly on deadlines, and produce quality work. I highly recommend Savvy.”

Sean Murphy, Vice President of Marketing, Sales, and Business Development
NeoNova Network Services

“Appreciating Grace as a well-respected business leader, I reached out to engage her thinking through our Enlight Research launch.

She led team workshops that progressed our key priorities in taking Enlight Research to market. She was not afraid to voice her feedback and offer straight-up recommendations.

We continue to ask her for introductions and counsel as we move the business forward.”

Tom Finegan, CEO, Co-Founder
Clarkston Consulting

“Grace was extremely resourceful in sizing up a market opportunity, gaining consumer insight, and making on target recommendations – she met and exceeded our expectations – I highly recommend the advisory services of Savvy.”

John Mazzarino, Managing Director
Cherokee Investment Partners

“We hired Savvy as an external extension of our in-house business development team. They performed thorough due diligence and made on-target recommendations for a potential technology partnership to contribute to the growth of our division’s aggressive growth strategy.”

Regis Rulifson, Director, Business Planning & Development
John Deere Worldwide Commercial & Consumer Equipment Division

“As I was ready to take my early stage venture to the next level, I thought of Grace since I had worked with her when she successfully led business development at Interactive Magic. She has brought in her strong team to help with our business plan, fund raising, and marketing strategy. I know that I can always count on Grace.”

Jerry Heneghan, Founder and CEO
Virtual Heroes, Inc. (acquired by Applied Research Associates)

Case Study

“This is an unqualified endorsement for Grace Ueng of Savvy. My introduction to Grace came about through my involvement as a board member of a Savvy client. Our organization was at a strategic inflection point. Our long-term funding was being challenged. We had a recent management change. Our brand was not precise. Savvy provided professional consultation and keen insight to our entire organization. The results have been transformative and positive.

If you hire Savvy, you need to recognize what you are getting. Grace is brilliant with an instinctive mind for innovation. An active listener, Grace immerses herself in her client’s circumstances. Grace becomes a trusted advisor for organizations seeking success. Soon the line between client and consultant begins to melt away as Grace becomes one of the family. This only happens because of the reliance and confidence Grace engenders with the people she engages.

Grace is our hero. She will quickly become yours.”

Maurice R. Smith, President
Local Government Federal Credit Union, a $700M 501(c)(1)

“Our aggressive growth through acquisition necessitated a broader brand platform. When a board member recommended Savvy, we reviewed their credentials and hired the firm to rebrand our company.

Savvy very quickly got up to speed on key data, proactively initiated qualitatives with our management team and customer base to understand how Wythe Will Tzetzo was viewed – both strengths and opportunities.

Grace led an effective Messaging Workshop and delivered our refined brand platform from which our new company name emerged. I appreciated her listening ear and guidance on decision-making and implementation of our new brand.

If you face an inflection point and need experienced counsel to guide your way, I recommend you hire Savvy.”

Gordon Angles, CEO
Wythe Will Tzetzo (now First Source)

“During a business review of our key brands, we read Savvy’s published framework and decided quickly to engage them to audit our business. The Savvy team rapidly grasped the dynamics of our category, thoroughly analyzed our business and marketing plans, and made actionable recommendations to help us allocate our marketing dollars more effectively.

In addition, Savvy identified the additional resources needed to achieve long-term growth for the House-Autry Mills franchise. We were pleased with our engagement and look forward to continuing to work with them.”

Craig Hagood, President
House-Autry Mills, Inc.

“We chose Savvy to tap into their expertise as we headed into our annual marketing planning. Their advisory services provided a good sounding board and their industry research was insightful. Their focus, flexibility and resourcefulness make them a very helpful partner. I look forward to continuing to work with Grace and the team she has carefully assembled – I highly recommend Savvy and their services.”

Adrienne K. Lumpkin, President and Director of Marketing
Alternate Access

“Before raising our next fund, we decided to step back and gain third party feedback with our key stakeholders.

It was an easy choice to hire Savvy. A quick study, Grace immediately “got” our key issues and carefully crafted the right questions to ask. She analyzed a large set of interview data into thoughtful insights and recommendations that have given us a clear roadmap to follow. We continue to seek her counsel.

If you are facing strategic juncture in your business, I highly recommend investing in Savvy.”

Lister Delgado, Partner
IDEA Fund Partners

“I wanted to hire a partner to audit our marketing, facilitate messaging and renaming, and make recommendations on how to take our company to an accelerated level of growth. I had heard of Grace’s reputation from trusted sources – hiring Savvy was an easy business decision. I look forward to Grace’s advisory services as we continue to tackle our tough business decisions.”

Gene Pease, CEO
Vestrics (acquired by Ultimate Software)

“We engaged Savvy to assist us in confirming our strategic direction and to explore requirements for faster and broader adoption of our products. After evaluating several options, we selected Savvy. They clearly demonstrate an ability to quickly understand and embrace a project, and then deliver results on time and within budget. Their work clearly met our objectives.”

Ron Raup, CEO
MakeMusic, Inc. (acquired by LaunchEquity)

“I’m very pleased with Grace Ueng’s work with our organization. In just a few months consulting with our Chief Marketing Officer, she has helped the marketing team develop an integrated marketing plan and organize the staff to effectively deliver on that plan. Grace was just the shot of inspiration, perspective, and organization we needed.”

Rod Brooks, President & CEO
Rise Against Hunger (formerly Stop Hunger Now)

“When you are ready to take your new venture to market, call on Savvy. We did and it made all the difference. They have teamed with us to make a big Splash!”

Alan Young, CEO
Splash! (acquired by VIF International Education)


“Every minute of our engagement has had high ROI.”

Case Study

“From the moment we met Grace, we knew that she would help empower us to think differently. Our goal was to position our Alumni Association for the future. We felt that Savvy Growth, with their broad range of clients, would help us become a more relevant, purpose-filled and dynamic organization.

Grace immersed herself in our culture and took the time to meet with key stakeholders across the spectrum. When we asked her to meet with several key people along the way, she did not hesitate. She was at ease with all our alumni, whether it be the Chancellor or one of our younger alums. Her listening skills proved invaluable as she discovered our strengths and weaknesses.

In the end, Grace presented her findings with sincerity and grace. The bad news was delivered fairly and the good news was equally shared. We’re beginning to make bold changes. We’re eternally grateful for the valuable tools that Grace provided to us.”

Mary Landers, Director of Alumni Engagement
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Case Study

“When we decided to rebrand our organization, we interviewed several firms and quickly chose Savvy. After listening intently to our key stakeholders, Grace moderated our vision, positioning, and naming sessions with poise.

We then asked Savvy to facilitate creation of a new business model that has proven key to the sustainability goal of our organization. After creating a marketing plan to take us to the next level, Savvy served as outsourced team to keep our marketing strategy and plans moving forward.

Additionally, Grace has instilled our board’s confidence with her regular updates, helped attract new talent to our board, and has facilitated our strategic business planning process now twice. We continue to engage Savvy for strategic initiatives as well as retained counsel. I highly recommend the value Savvy brings to the table.”

Lenwood V. Long, Sr., President
Carolina Small Business (formerly The Support Center)

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