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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching in Raleigh NC

Corporate leaders around the world hire Grace and Rich to be their consultant, thinking partner and accountability coach to reach their short and long term goals.

A graduate of MIT and Harvard Business School, Grace has three decades of experience working for Fortune 500 brand leaders, serving on executive teams of five technology start-ups, and completing over 250 engagements for clients in technology, healthcare, consumer, financial & business services, education and non-profit sectors. Linked In Profile

Her classmate at MIT, Rich has three decades of experience growing large and small high technology firms as founder, CFO, CEO, and Chief Strategy Officer.  He brings a unique perspective and addition of value to each CEO who engages his services.

Established leaders seek Grace and Rich as thinking partners to meet their growth goals. Others come to Savvy when stepping into a new leadership role, wanting to further the persuasiveness of their presentations, or desiring to optimize their personal brand. Companies wanting to invest in their high potentials hire Savvy to deliver workshops on happiness and well-being, personal branding, and presentation skills.

Grace and Rich work directly with a limited number of high-level professionals through Savvy’s corporate executive coaching.  Savvy offers 6 month and 12 month customized coaching programs for CEOs and their leadership teams. Having one dedicated coach for each of the leadership team provides synthesized guidance for each, benefiting overall outcomes. Retainers start at $10,000/month for coaching the top members of the C-suite. Add-ons may include 360 interviews, on-site work, and strategy sessions.

For individuals seeking coaching outside their company, we offer these programs:

Intensive Strategy Coaching:  $6,000. Good for individuals working on a specific goal and desiring a clear action plan for the next 12 months.  You will complete Savvy’s in-take questionnaire. We will then have one 3 hour or two 1.5 hour virtual working sessions which will result in your 12 month plan.  You will then have access to us for two additional 1 hour check-ins.

Ongoing Coaching Program: Good for ongoing accountability to reach both short term and longer term goals. Beginning with Savvy’s in-take questionnaire and 360 interviews followed by hour long coaching sessions every two weeks:  $18,000 (6 months) or $30,000 (12 months)


The leadership issues at the very top involve organizational complexity and that’s why having an experienced executive coach can help. Serving as CEO requires providing inspiring leadership and the ability to act confidently and agilely to constant market changes. Leaders often want an outside thinking partner and advisor for support and guidance when dealing with complex people and business issues. It’s lonely at the top; CEOs call upon Grace and Rich as coach resources they can trust.  The Daily Beast interviewed Grace: Inside the Weird, High-Powered World of Executive Coaching.


Whether you are CEO of a Fortune 500 company or of an emerging growth company, your leadership style and personal brand have a big impact on your success. Boards call on Savvy to provide their CEOs a trusted outside advisor and personal brand coach.

Do you have the executive presence that exudes confidence and gains respect? Do you channel your energy and passion to your company’s advantage?  Does your communication style command attention as well as trust? Are you an authentic leader who provides your team with psychology safety?

Contact Grace who will help to formulate a plan to address your focus areas.


For earlier stage CEOs not ready for Savvy’s consulting services, coaching can be a good way to start!


CEOs often hire Savvy for themselves and then offer Savvy as a coach resource to their leadership team, making the sum of the parts stronger. One coach synthesizing all 360 leads to better insights, revealing more blind spots, resulting in better outcomes.

Coaching Philosophy | Process

Your Success is our Passion™Executive Coach in Chapel Hill NC

CEO/Executive Coaching

  • Initial meeting to understand coachee’s goals and to assess fit
  • Confidentiality is key to the 1-on-1 coaching relationship
  • Ongoing relationship is with the coachee with agreed upon periodic touch points with executive sponsor
  • Agreement of timeline, deliverables with executive sponsor and the coachee

Savvy Discovery Process:

  • Savvy Intake / Background Interview
  • 360° Interviews with Board members/CEO, executive peers, direct reports. May include customers/prospects/key stakeholders. This is a key part of discovering blind spots: “Would you like to know the one thing that if you changed in yourself, you’d have the ability to change the world?”
  • Strengths Assessment

Savvy Coach Process:

  • Kick off with sharing of synthesized insights from 360 to inform priorities for coaching
  • Regularly scheduled sessions over agreed upon timeframe for individual
  • Communication as often as needed in between sessions
  • Sounding board on strategic issues
  • Role play in prep for key meetings
  • Observing meetings / “day in the life”
  • Mid-point touch base with executive and sponsor
  • Closure meeting with executive and sponsor: timeline for articulated goals, accountability touch points

Founder/Entrepreneur Coaching

  • 1 on 1 sessions keeping venture on track to hit milestones
  • Communication as often as needed between sessions
  • Sounding out roadblocks, issues
  • Share latest challenges for feedback, iteration, repositioning
  • Introductions to resources, potential partners

Leadership Team Coaching

  • 1 on 1 sessions to help move toward best choices for your career advancement
  • Strengths based focus
  • Feedback on personal branding, strategic approach to reaching your goals
  • Introductions that fit your interests, resources to enhance development

Grace trained as a positive psychology coach through Whole Being Institute, founded by Tal Ben-Shahar, creator of Harvard’s famed Happiness course.  Savvy’s curated favorite positive psychology and business resources: list. 

Nothing makes us happier than having a client come back and say,
“You’ve made all the difference…thank you!”

Your Success is Our Passion.

Grace is a life-saver! She helped me regain my focus and get to the root of my professional “stuck places.” She provided great positive energy, encouragement and spot-on insights. She offered sound advice on effectively communicating with my CEO as well as executive peers, and made great recommendations on professional development resources.

Working with Grace helped me rediscover the confidence I needed to face my professional challenges head-on.

Chief Marketing Officer

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I am so grateful for Grace’s invaluable coaching that has solid return for me as CEO and for my leadership team. After an initial three-month engagement, I had such a full plate, I brought her in to focus on providing interim leadership and coaching for a start-up group in our organization.

Her positive results and complexity of my business made me decide to retain her coaching services for this coming fiscal year. I will always have challenges that I’d like to discuss with a wise and objective third party. Unlike other coaches, Grace looks through multiple lenses in asking her many good questions. She has become my go-to resource.

CEO, Healthcare Services Organization
I can’t fully articulate how helpful this coaching relationship has been. Grace inspires me to look at things in a different light. Grace is thoughtful, strategic and well connected. She is great at what she does. Thank you, Grace!
Marketing Leader, Silicon Valley Technology Company
While I hired Grace to focus on my personal brand, she provided that and much more. Grace was always there for a listening ear, encouragement, and thoughtful review of my thinking as I was making big moves in my career. She offered great suggestions, helpful introductions, and sage wisdom every step along the way. I appreciate all she has helped me to accomplish!
President and Executive Medical Director, University Healthcare System
I have complete trust and confidence in Grace’s ability to give honest feedback – the good and the bad. I am able to take her advice and guidance without question. One thing I gained from our work together is that I’ve underestimated myself, which hindered my ability to confidently explore the realm of entrepreneurship. Grace has opened my eyes and my mind.

Apart from the obvious on why I would recommend Grace – all of her credentials – I would simply emphasize the trust you may place upon Grace to understand you, advise you accordingly, and know that everything comes from a professional and heartfelt place. She really cares!

Your counsel has been priceless!

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