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Workshops & Retreats


HappinessWorks™: The science of positive psychology works, but it takes ongoing work
2/3 of employees report mental health as a top challenge.  Happy employees stay in their jobs 4x longer and commit 2x more time to tasks.  Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success.  How do we work on our happiness at work?

Grace overlays her personal story onto her decade of positive psychology studies to deliver a power hour of research backed interactive exercises and accountability assignments to focus on ongoing flourishing.

“Wow…thank you for your incredible workshop. It has made a difference in my life.”

Her teachers have included Tal Ben-Shahar, the creator of Harvard’s most popular course ever, Positive Psychology 1504 and Arthur Brooks, who teaches Leadership and Happiness at Harvard Business School. On the release of his book, From Strength to Strength, Finding Happiness, Success and Deep Purpose in the Second Half of Life, Grace sat down to interview Arthur.

PersonalBrandWorks™: Making Your Personal Brand Your Company’s Best Strategic Weapon
The personal brand of a CEO or key leader may just be the most important marketing tool for a company or line of business. How a leader comes across to employees will determine how inspired they are to follow.  How a leader comes across to the media, customers, and prospects will determine if they want to do business with the company or speak favorably about the company.

This workshop will provide you the tools to:

  • Define the top 3 components of your brand
  • Have an action plan to build and sustain your brand
  • Practical ways to communicate your brand from everyday communications to crises

PresentationWorks™: Making Your Story Most Memorable
The manner in which a CEO and their leadership team present to key audiences sets the stage for how they are perceived as either a memorable thought leader or quickly forgotten.  Which do you want for your company?

This workshop will provide you and your leadership team the tools to:

  • Define and develop the top take-aways for your target audience
  • Connect authentically and evoke involvement
  • Combine practice, practice + improvisation to deliver the most meaningful message

ConfidenceWorks™: Essential human element for happiness and success
In The Confidence Code, Katty Kay and Claire Shipman poignantly share research that women, who achieve what they set out to do, share confidence – “potent, essential even, and for women, it’s in alarmingly short supply.” Confidence is essential for all humans, all genders to be happy and to be successful in life and work.

This workshop will provide your team the tools to cultivate and strengthen their confidence:

  • Discuss the role of self-belief, self-worth, and self-acceptance in building confidence
  • Explore the confidence gap between genders and ways to address it
  • Introduce exercises to foster a growth mindset and expand one’s comfort zone

Virtual Speaking: for keynote, interactive experience, or fireside chat (60-90 minutes), Grace’s fee for planning calls to identify key themes and for the design/delivery of a customized presentation or participatory experience that achieves the objectives and development needs of your organization is $12,500.

In-Person Speaking: for a keynote and workshop (2 hours) or retreat facilitation (up to half day) in the US/Canada, Grace’s fee for planning calls and design/delivery of keynote and workshop or retreat is $25,000, which includes transit expenses. Hotel will be arranged and paid by client. International rates vary, please get in touch to discuss.

Motivational Speaker in Durham NC  

Grace Ueng of Savvy Growth, had a life-changing event — a near-fatal bicycle accident that ultimately taught her more about life than any other experience. She began to study the correlation between successful endurance athletes and successful entrepreneurs. And then the connection between those who climb the 7 Summits and those who start successful companies, which became the topic of her TED talk.

In anticipation of becoming an empty nester, Grace began a personal Happiness journey. She quickly realized her in-depth study of positive psychology could benefit Savvy’s coaching clients. And soon began to share How Happiness Can Help Your Company Flourish.

She speaks on her 7 themes of Project Peak including why Failure is a Good Thing, sharing with authenticity her first-hand experiences overcoming adversity. Grace offers focused motivational Happiness keynotes and workshops that she customizes for each client. Her raw vulnerability, including sharing her own mental health challenges, opens up audiences to respond. Research shows that happiness is key to flourishing employees, and corporations are investing in mental well-being, accordingly.


Grace inspires audiences around the world. She is an engaging, thoughtful crowd-pleaser.

“Not only is Grace exceptional at what she does, she has a truly amazing personal story. Her energy and passion are contagious. So be prepared to walk away inspired.”

I truly enjoyed Grace’s motivational talk and workshop. Understanding that personal growth often times comes during our most challenging moments allows me to approach difficult situations with a newfound energy. Thank you for inspiring all of us!

Jason Whitcomb, Cisco



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Grace was a big hit at this year’s IBM Women in Technology conference.

In her keynote, “If there’s a Mountain, Climb It!” she described how in coming up with a big win, often the biggest obstacle to overcome is a fear of failure.

Grace shared her personal story of overcoming a dramatic cycling accident to overcome fear, navigate obstacles, and create new paths. The audience held on to her every word and walked away inspired.

Tina Wilson, IBM

Grace’s keynote “On Obstacles and Entrepreneurship” was inspirational!

Her courage and perseverance to not give up in the midst of challenging times is admirable. Her personal story served as a great example to us all, especially those of us pulled in multiple professional and personal priorities.

It also showed us that we all have our own journey and that we will eventually end up where we belong.

Liliana Delgado, Lenovo

She took the time to understand our goals for the weekend and what we hoped her remarks would capture for the participants. Ms. Ueng was the perfect fit because she relates so well to her audience, is highly credible, and most importantly, is very engaging.

I would highly recommend hiring her for your next speaking need. She has a special way of connecting to her audience and is very willing to engage any questions even after she steps off the podium. Ms. Ueng makes a gracious keynote.

Christina Ferrell, UNC Kenan-Flagler

A fan of Grace’s coaching and marketing talents, I recommended she conduct a Personal Branding workshop for our firm.

Her workbooks are really helpful – especially for the associates who we are trying to help guide.  Even senior attorneys need reminders on what they should be doing, and they said as much after Grace’s workshop.  She struck the right tone and hit the right level of advice for the wide range of attorneys attending.

Grace energized and inspired us to put more time into our marketing efforts, which is exactly the result I was hoping for!

Jennifer Van Doren, Partner, Morningstar Law Group
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