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Executive Coaching in Raleigh NCAre you looking for an executive coach in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, or in the greater Boston area? Or one who travels to meet clients across the nation as well as by phone/video with clients in Asia?

If so, you’re in the right place. Welcome! CEOs who value executive coaching call Savvy Growth when they step into a demanding leadership role or want to optimize their personal brand. Entrepreneurs seek out the experience and accountability that Savvy Growth offers in asking the right questions.


Whether you are CEO of a Fortune 1000 company or of an emerging growth company, your leadership style and personal brand have a big impact on your success.

Boards call on Grace Ueng to provide their CEOs a trusted outside advisor and personal brand coach.

Grace’s rich and broad-reaching experience as an in-house marketing executive and as a management consultant to CEOs informs Savvy Growth’s personal brand coaching practice.

Do you have the executive presence that exudes confidence and gains respect? Do you channel your energy and passion to your company’s advantage?  Does your communication style command attention and trust?


The leadership skills required at the very top don’t necessarily come naturally and that’s why executive coaching can help. Moving up the ranks requires new insights, skills and the ability to act confidently and agilely to constant market changes. Leaders often want an outside thinking partner and advisor for support and guidance when dealing with complex people and business issues. Grace often serves as coach to the CEO as well as a coach resource to his or her executive leadership team.


Are you considering changing careers but unsure what direction to take? Do you have career goals you want to achieve but find it difficult to follow through to achieve them for a variety of reasons? We can help you.

It’s often hard to assess your own job skills, strengths and accomplishments and what you think will make you happy. This is where career coaching can play a major role in helping determine and achieve the right outcome for you. Career coaches are trained to help objectively evaluate your values, professional skills and strengths. High potentials hire Savvy Growth as their career coach to make the most of their current career or in times of professional advancement.


For earlier stage CEOs not ready for Savvy’s consulting services, coaching can be a good way to start.

Grace trained as a positive psychology coach through Whole Being Institute, founded by Tal Ben-Shahar, creator of Harvard’s famed Happiness course. Grace gives keynotes and workshops on Project Peak – climbing the mountains of business and beyond.  Her 7 themes provide the foundation of Savvy Growth’s coaching practice.

Coaching Philosophy | Process

Your Success is our Passion™Executive Coach in Chapel Hill NC

Executive Coaching

  • Initial meeting to understand coachee’s goals and to assess fit
  • Confidentiality is key to the 1-on-1 coaching relationship
  • Ongoing relationship is with the coachee with agreed upon periodic touch points with executive sponsor
  • Agreement of timeline, deliverables with executive sponsor and the coachee

Savvy Discovery Process:

  • Savvy Intake / Background Interview
  • 360° Interviews with Board members/CEO or appropriate individuals, executive peers, direct reports. May include customers/prospects/key stakeholders.
  • Strengths Assessment

Savvy Coach Process:

  • Regularly scheduled sessions over agreed upon timeframe for individual
  • Communication as often as needed in between sessions
  • Sounding board on strategic issues
  • Role play in prep for key meetings
  • Observing meetings / “day in the life”
  • Mid-point touch base with executive and sponsor
  • Closure meeting with executive and sponsor: timeline for articulated goals, accountability touch points

Career Coaching

  • 1 on 1 sessions to help move toward best choices for your career advancement
  • Strengths based focus
  • Feedback on personal branding, strategic approach to new opportunities
  • Introductions that fit your interests, enlighten next moves

Entrepreneur Coaching

  • 1 on 1 sessions keeping venture on track to hit milestones
  • Communication as often as needed between sessions
  • Sounding out roadblocks, issues
  • Share latest challenges for feedback, iteration, repositioning
  • Introductions to resources, potential partners

Nothing makes us happier than having a client come back and say,
“You’ve made all the difference…thank you!”

Your Success is Our Passion.

“Grace is a life-saver! She helped me regain my focus and get to the root of my professional “stuck places.” She provided great positive energy, encouragement and spot-on insights. She offered sound advice on effectively communicating with my CEO as well as executive peers, and made great recommendations on professional development resources.

Working with Grace helped me rediscover the confidence I needed to face my professional challenges


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