Savvy’s Mission: To help companies
& their executives reach their fullest potential

…and to inspire you to climb your mountain

Your Success is Our Passion.


A published author with decades of accumulated experiences, Grace inspires audiences around the world.

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Grace’s rich and broad reaching experience as an in-house executive and as a management consultant informs her coaching practice.

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Savvy’s client-centric approach focuses on adding strategic value and becoming part of your team.

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Selected Clients


How Savvy helps clients grow Examples

  • Enhance corporate image CEO thought leadership
  • Grow through new channels Investment requirements
  • Grow through new markets China audit
  • Grow through acquisition Portfolio management
  • Grow your company’s team Talent Acquisition Executive coaching
  • Fill your human capital pipeline Strategic evangelization
  • Grow long term revenue New product assessment and launch
  • Grow profitability Efficiency studies
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