Case Study – Interim Team Leadership

Quick Facts

  • $1.4 billion company had immediate need for team leadership during critical point in company’s revenue trajectory
  • Focused the company and team on a central goal of launching new strategic solution
  • Led different teams from across the nation toward end goal
  • Recruited and filled key roles in very short timeframe

Company Overview

Solutions Company – a $1.4 billion publicly traded company that provides services to small businesses and financial institutions.

The Challenge

The core business and largest revenue stream of Solutions Company was in steep decline due to market conditions beyond their control.

Advancement in technology and migration to digital formats for transactions, created an immediate need for leadership to develop a strategic solution that diversified the firm’s portfolio of services.

Savvy was retained as interim leadership to help Solutions Company develop a new product and oversee several teams on the West Coast, Midwest, and East Coast. Savvy was also responsible for managing budgets, as well as recruiting to fill key roles to jumpstart progress.

Savvy Solution

Solutions Company executive who had worked with Savvy in the past, and knew of the firm’s agility and work product, contacted Savvy to address their timely need.

Savvy leveraged its network of professionals to identify, recruit, and sign on two key team hires in both product and content management within weeks of commencing engagement.

As interim leader, Savvy led meetings virtually and in-person, directed key work streams, oversaw product roadmaps and product management, and provided feedback on potential acquisition opportunities to embed into solution.

Timeliness and efficiency were particularly challenging because numerous acquired companies were involved in the process. Each entity had a unique culture and different viewpoint, as well as varying level of commitment. Savvy was able to effectively lead and manage a vastly diverse group towards one focused goal.


Savvy quickly filled the role of interim leader for a five month period, and kept the strategic initiative on track until a permanent leader was placed. During this time, Savvy made two key hires to complete staffing requirements. By working closely with the project manager and facilitating communications and issue resolution among team members, Savvy successfully kept the initiative on schedule.