Case Study – Rebranding

Quick Facts

  • Regional distributor of gourmet foods and confections had a rebranding need after M&A
  • Savvy integrated three different existing identities into a new cohesive brand while still preserving the heritage from the existing identities
  • Savvy facilitated a naming and positioning workshop with key management team stakeholders
  • Distributor unveiled new brand identity

Company Overview

Regional Specialty Food Distributor (SFD) distributes gourmet foods and confections to retail stores in the eastern United States.

The Challenge

A private equity firm with a majority stake in SFD had a need to rebrand their investment. The PE firm was considering additional acquisitions to expand geographic footprint to the west coast and needed a new identify for SFD to reflect the consolidation of these companies to fit future growth plans. Referred in by a board member, Savvy was hired by SFD to facilitate the rebranding process.

Savvy Solution

This rebranding project was challenging because it required integrating three different existing identities with consideration for any future (unknown) acquisitions. Savvy had the unique challenge of working to change the perception of brand promise and offerings while at the same time preserving the heritage built over decades of the existing companies. Savvy tackled this with their proven framework developed over the years for rebranding projects: Deep Dive and Discovery followed by the facilitation of a naming and positioning workshop with key management team stakeholders.

In the Deep Dive and Discovery, Savvy conducted one-on-one interviews with a representative cross-section of staff, management, advisors and investors, customers, prospects, partners, and lost deals to better understand the current company and how it would like to evolve. An extensive review of SFD services was conducted to gain a thorough understanding of SFD’s perceived value proposition, client satisfaction, differentiation, and positioning. This data was used following an audit of SFD’s marketing initiatives to inform the discussion for the naming and positioning workshop held with the executive team at SFD.

All key findings were synthesized and packaged into a final deliverable with recommendations and insights for the company moving forward.


A year after Savvy’s involvement (following an acquisition), SFD revealed their new brand identity to the public with a new name and logo to reflect the consolidation of their acquisition. They are continuing with efforts to fully integrate the new brand into all marketing collateral.

Our aggressive growth through acquisition necessitated a broader brand platform. When a board member recommended Savvy, we reviewed their credentials and hired the firm to rebrand our company.

Savvy very quickly got up to speed on key data, proactively initiated qualitatives with our management team and customer base to understand how [SFD] was viewed – both strengths and opportunities.

Grace led an effective Messaging Workshop and delivered our refined brand platform from which our new company name emerged. I appreciated her listening ear and guidance on  decision-making and implementation of our new brand.

If you face an inflection point and need experienced counsel to guide your way, I recommend you hire Savvy.

CEO of specialty food distributor