TEDx: Moving Mountains

by Grace W. Ueng, CEO of Savvy Growth

I was recently asked to participate in a TEDx themed “Moving Mountains.”

My TED Talk “If there’s a mountain, Climb It!” discusses “10 Steps to reach the top” – lessons learned from climbers of the 7 Summits who also start companies successfully. How one informs the other. From my experiences in serving on management teams of five tech ventures + advising over seventy Savvy clients, I overlay my TED Talk with these reminders:

  1. You miss every shot you don’t take
  2. Failure is a good thing
  3. Speak the future now
  4. Power of Visualization
  5. Channel Fear to your advantage
  6. Bias for action
  7. Enjoy the journey

Attempting to follow just a few of the TED Talk rules was good reminder of just how very hard it is to compose & present a sticky story…in well under 18 minutes.

I will certainly keep in mind my lessons learned in coaching executives on their talks!

About the Author

Motivational speaker, executive coach, and consultant, Grace Ueng is CEO of Savvy Growth www.savvygrowth.com. She can be reached at grace@savvygrowth.com.

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